Community Commitment...



     We are proudly located at Penn State New Kensington’s, The Corner!  

The Corner is the Alle-Kiski valley’s destination for entrepreneurial learning, coworking, and community activity.  Anchoring New Kensington’s Corridor of Innovation, The Corner catalyzes and celebrates the city’s transformation into an inviting home and business destination for entrepreneurs and small business. Thoughtfully designed and equipped for individuals and small organizations, local residents, and visiting businesses.

     We are proud to be an anchor business.  We are located in the HUB Zone 20 miles North of Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  Identified by the state as being part of the 7 poorest consecutive blocks in western Pennsylvania, we purposely picked the location to start a positive trend of battling economic depression through the introduction of technology.

     Our management team actively serves as mentors to other start-up companies.

Our founder...


 “I have always wanted to not only serve my country but serve others as well.”  Jordan Williams proudly founded 1st-In on the belief from his US Army experiences of “being all you can be”!  Jordan is a decorated combat veteran who now decided to take on a new mission.

     Proudly serving our nation in Kandahar, Afghanistan at the end of Operation Enduring Freedom and onset of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, Jordan brings these experiences, enthusiasm and leadership skills to now servicing you as the President of 1st-In.

     Building upon these life experiences, Jordan has successfully initiated a dynamic transition into a custom software and hardware support enterprise located in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.  In addition to his professional career and business, Jordan has been providing ongoing support and giving back through his mentoring and USO activities.

     Like you, success is what Jordan Williams strives for! He has seen the word “Success” defined numerous ways over the years. 

Is it Accomplishments? 


Or our victories?

Is it all about the situation? 

Is it meant only for the chosen few who rise to the top? 

Or, is there a different story?